2019: Time to Travel | Let’s Go!


Thanks to Instagram – in particular – travelling has reached a massive high.

For those of you who are fond of the picture app, we see daily, an influx of people on their travels. Exotic travels; hallo Sri Lanka. Solo travel. Group travels. Travelling at home, #Staycation, #TreatYoSelf. The world is our oyster when it comes to travel. No destination is off limits. Be it in real life, or through social media.

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Edinburgh Photo Diary | December 2018


Have you ever been to wee bonny Scotland? Despite the mere one hour flight from Dublin, I’ve never been until last weekend’s trip to Edinburgh. Edinburgh, with its castle on the hill, magical cobbled roads, steep hills and narrow walkway passages. You will come across more tartan and cashmere – not to mention whisky – shops than you’ve probably ever seen in your life.


Be Enchanted By the Beauty of Budapest


How lucky are we that we live so central and close to other European countries? It means that you can hop on a flight without much planning.

My last-minute destination recently was Budapest, Pearl of the Danube. The only thing I really knew about Hungary, previous to my visit to their capital city, was drink and food related. Namely Pálinka, a traditional fruit Brandy that would knock you into tomorrow. Alive, hopefully. And also, Tokaji, which is the name of the wines from the Tokaj wine region in Hungary. Tokaji or Tokay produce sweet wines.


Porridge Season

Breakfast, Food

Who else loves Autumn? Crisp leaves. Fresh, cold air. Wrapping up. Cinnamon. The smell of chimney smoke. The list goes on and on.

Autumn also means that it’s porridge time. There is nothing better than porridge made on the cooker, with lots of milk, and just slowly, slowly let it cook away. Even better if you can bring the porridge back to your bed and eat it. (Definitely a weekend breakfast!)

This morning I made porridge with coconut milk, cinnamon and banana, then topped it with grapes, almond butter and some seeds. Delicious. It’s the simple things really.


Autumn, I’m ready. Winter, you can hold off for a little while longer, please.

Simple Iced Coffee Recipe


If a picture tells a thousand words, then this picture would say BASIC B*TCH!

Flowers. Yep. Iced coffee. Yep. Drinking from a jar. Yep.

Sometimes we’ve just got to indulge ourselves. But just remember, iced coffee and flowers do not make a completed and fulfilled life. They help though.


Iced Coffee/Mocha Ingredients + Recipe:
– Three teaspoons of medium-strong coffee, mix with boiling water
– One tablespoon of cacao powder
– Milk or mylk of your choice. I used coconut and rice mylk here.
– Ice cubes

Put all ingredients into a blender and whizz. Frothy and delicious. So so good.

Basic B*tch is happy now!